Antioxidants And Skin Care

Antioxidants pump your body with fuel which plays a vital role towards skin care. You should ensure that your daily diet is inclusive of rich fruits and loads of vegetables which are the best and nutritious source of anti oxidants to the body. Along with rich antioxidants, the life style you choose lead also matters a lot with regards to controlling the aging process in the body. Your lifestyle should be inclusive of daily routine of exercising, balanced diet, avoid smoking, avoid excessive consumption of alcohols, and protect your skin from harsh UV rays, dirt and pollution.

The vital factor of providing fuel to your skin is antioxidants. Ensure you consume the right amount of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. This is responsible to keep your skin hydrated and provides the perfect glow. Fruits provide your skin with carotenoids and vegetables such as carrots, pumpkins and yellow peppers boosts the skin with red, yellow and orange tones.

As per studies conducted by American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, It has been well researched and proved that vitamin C in particular helps to fight various signs of aging such as visible fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C helps to boost the collagen production in the body. Hence the skin feels well nourished and hydrated. Therefore it is moisturised and combats the signs of aging effectively. Hence it is advisable to maintain a healthy nutritious diet with a good quantity of antioxidants in your daily diet to take care of your skin and overall health.

Prodroxatone is one such anti aging serum which is created and designed using Vitamin C antioxidants. Hence it is highly effective with regards to fighting the signs of aging. Choose to use Prodroxatone and enjoy the youthful skin for a longer period of time.

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